Cool your drink with Balls of Steel

by 6 years ago

If you want to cool your drink quickly without using ice, why not just dip your balls in it?

In my never-ending quest to find fun products to share with you, I’ve yet to come across something that instantly popped so many obscure references into my head as these Balls of Steel did. Duke Nukem, The State, and Wayne’s World were the first three that came to mind. The entire video I was thinking how much better they would be if there was some reference to a ball sack, and then BAM! there is was. The balls actually come in a sack.

Most importantly BOS supports a cause that is positively changing lives of those not only suffering from testicular cancer, but as well as their family and friends. Creating a support network for those struggling and supporting the research for a cure.

I jump at just about any change I get to drink for a cause. I don’t have testicular cancer, or so my girlfriend tells me, but I know people who do. The issue is a sensitive area, so the more public acknowledgement we can get, the better off men everywhere are. If you can’t grow a mustache, now’s your chance to make a difference.

You can grow a pair for $20 at OriginalBOS.

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