Dane Cook made an Aurora shooting joke (with audio)

by 8 years ago

Dane Cook went up on stage in Los Angeles’s Laugh Factory to work on some new material. One of his opening bits contained an Aurora shooting joke. People are mad. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

We tend to have a very pro-“comedy as a means of art/expression” stance here and, really, this is no exception. It even got a lot of laughs in the room. It’s easy to beat up Dane Cook since he’s such a perennial easy target. But frankly, I’m more offended that he acted as though The Dark Knight Rises being a crap movie was a universal truth. You can have your jokes Mr. Funny Laugh Man, but don’t you dare tell me that a movie that features Anne Hathaway in skintight leather is anything less than a triumph of the highest form.

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