Dating habits change due to rising steak prices

by 7 years ago


Steak prices are on the rise thanks to the drought this year. It might finally be the right time to start dating a vegetarian.

Meat prices are “through the roof,” said William Degel, owner of Uncle Jack’s Steakhouses in Midtown and Queens. “It’s at an all-time high.”

“We have a fundamental disconnect between supply and demand,” said Richard Volpe, an economist with the Agriculture Department. “Prices are really high, and they’re only going higher.”

Peter Glazier, owner of Michael Jordan’s Steak House, said meat purveyors are warning of increases of up to 20 percent in the coming year.

Don’t expect any relief at the supermarket, where prices will pinch even harder.

We all celebrated as 12/21/12 passed without incident, but maybe we were holding the apocalypse in too high a regard. Pehaps the Mayans just meant that our world was going to start falling apart. First we got word that there would be a bacon shortage. That was amended to be that prices would just drastically increase, but now this? It’s almost too much. Mother Earth is slowly trying to steal away our ability to be manly; she obviously wanted daughters.

As you could probably guess, prices on dairy products, as well as poultry and eggs, are also on the rise. If you still like to take your lady out to a nice dinner on the town, it may be the perfect time to search Yahoo Personals for vegetarians. Be careful, though, because the price of vegan-favorite soybeans is up as well. Try to find one of those ladies who loves just eating nuts and raw veggies.

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