‘Dead or Alive 5’ represents the next step in ogling virtual breasts

by 8 years ago

Dead or Alive has always been about one thing: it’s depiction of polygonal mammaries. And if you thought developer Team Ninja had run out of tricks for part 5, you’d be wrong.


DoA is known for the ridiculous boob physics, and to highlight such a feature, the female characters have always dressed appropriately. As in, hardly at all. But Dead or Alive 5 changes all that by adding some class to the proceedings.

According to Kotaku, the game with feature clothes that become transparent over the course of a fight. One has to assume that sweat is the primary mode for this.

Oh, and there will be different types of threads, that will affect boob physics. Who says that the Japanese have lost their touch when it comes to making games? Actually, that would be me.

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