Dexter recap: Review of season 8 episode 9 ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’

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We’re so close to wrapping up Dexter‘s run on Showtime. As we limp to the finish line, let’s recap S08E09 “Make Your Own Kind of Music”.

LOSER: Dexter’s journey for the Brain Surgeon

Dexter convenes with Dr. Vogel to discuss his plan of attack for the Brain Surgeon. He wants to kill the guy to avenge Zach and because the killer had the nerve to drop off the body in Dexter’s own house. You can go around killing whomever you want, serial killers of Miami, but just make sure not to drop off the corpse in La Case Del Dexter.

Dexter finds that the Brain Surgeon is related to Dr. Vogel after finding a hair sample that Zach somehow left for him at the crime scene. Dr. Vogel reveals that she has two sons, but they’re supposed to be dead. One of the sons killed the other son and was a smart psychopath, which is why Vogel got into the field.

LOSER: Hannah’s return to Miami

Elway is obsessed with catching Hannah McKay for some reason and now the federal marshals are in on it too. One guy, Deputy Marshal Clayton (played by the guy who played Lem on The Shield, Kenny Johnson), thinks Dexter might be a target for Hannah. Clayton attempts to talk to Hannah’s friend, Arlene, about Hannah’s return but finds Dexter there. After inquiring about how Arlene got a fancy new house — maybe money from her newly rich friend Hannah — Dexter pretends they’ve been hooking up and he’s been bankrolling her.

Dexter moves Hannah to Deb’s house because who would ever expect her there? Brilliant ideas, Dex. Hannah made food for both her and Deb and Deb eats it because if there’s anyone you can trust, it’s the lady who’s drugged you twice.

WINNER: Cassie’s creepy boyfriend

Quinn solicits Deb’s services to help figure out the Cassie murder situation. Deb talks to Jamie and figures out that maybe the boyfriend she was hanging out with, Oliver Saxson might be the one who killed her. Apparently the guy was a little obsessed with her. Deb and Quinn go to talk with him and find out he was lying about some things. The boyfriend also happens to be Dexter’s primary suspect for the Brain Surgeon murders after he determines that Saxson is actually Vogel’s son. Oh what a tangled web they weave.

LOSER: Quinn’s loose lips

Quinn’s love for a good suspect chase, and the subsequent adrenaline, leads him to kiss Deb. They both seem intrigued and immediately regret it. Basically sums up every kiss I’ve ever had.

At the same time, Deb gets brought back onto homicide by Batista. He said “she’s earned her way back up” but that doesn’t seem like that’s even remotely true. Nice platitude, though. Deb’s conflicted about the whole thing because she’s currently putting up Hannah, a serial killer, and abetting her brother, another serial killer. No one said you had to be good at your job, Deb, you just have to do it.

WINNER: Harrison’s artworK

Deputy Marshal Clayton comes over to tell Dexter that the “Hannah McKay threat” had passed. He then sees Harrison drawing a family with himself, Dexter, and presumably Hannah. But Harrison says he was drawing “his Mom” and doesn’t stool on Dexter. Way to go, Harrison. Those “Stop Snitchin'” shirts must have had a deep impact on him.

LOSER: Dr. Vogel’s mother of the year candidacy

Dexter tells Vogel about Oliver Saxson being her presumed-dead son and she’s not particularly stoked about Dexter killing him. Dexter lies and says he won’t kill him if Vogel helps Dexter catch him.

Dexter uses the knowledge that Saxson is spying on Vogel’s computer to get him out to a restaurant to meet Vogel. But he drugs Vogel and goes to the meeting himself with a plan to grab and kill Saxson. When Dexter plans to tail him to take him out, he finds out his car’s tires have been slashed. Dexter gets over to Vogel’s somehow to warn her that Saxson is coming for her but Vogel says she doesn’t need his protection any more after that drugging scenario.

We then find that Saxson was in the house and they’ve now got a twisted mother-son thing going.

Interesting little end there. I like how Saxson got built up in the episode but it seems odd that he’d be the season’s big bad after being a total non-factor on camera all year. One has to assume that someone close to Dexter is going to eat it on the way out. Even money on Hannah but there’s still a shot that Deb or Harrison gets it, too. Either way, it’s pretty clear that the last three episodes are going to take its toll on Dexter, whether he himself dies at the end of the show or not.

The episode gets four out of five mediocre kids drawings from me.

Reminder: The show’s off next week due to Labor Day weekend in the US. Lame.

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