‘Diablo 3’ is finally out

by 7 years ago

One of the most eagerly anticipated releases in a long ass time, Diablo 3, is finally here. And as expected, some people can’t play it, while others are already making wacky YouTube videos about it.

The above, first found by Kotaku, is being posted simply by virtue of being the first of its kind. Expect many more, perhaps a few funnier, but mostly not so hot.

But yeah, it was finally playable late last night, midnight on the west coast. I have two friends who stayed up till 3am here on the east coast to finally give the game a spin. People could pre-download the game in advance, so they could start playing once the flip was switched.

But you couldn’t do anything with it until the launch. Meaning, lots of people had like an 8+ gig chuck of their hard drive that was completely inaccessible for the past few weeks until now.

Though, not surprisingly, it hasn’t been a smooth ride. Both Joystiq and Destructoid are reporting game breaking bugs, so player beware.

The latter outlet also notes that the game has already been beaten by Koreans already. But of course!

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