Are Dianna Agron and Tim Tebow an item?

by 8 years ago

New York Post

Another day, another Tim Tebow love interest. This time it’s blond bombshell and Glee star Dianna Agron. Apparently, the two met at an Oscars party and it was there that Tebow fell head over heels. According to the New York Post, “Tim has made no secret that he likes Dianna, and told her so, but she has remained faithful to Sebastian.”

I assume most of you aren’t up on your Dianna Agron relationship info so allow me to fill you in. She’s been on-again, off-again with actor Sebastian Stan of Gossip Girl fame. Rumors abound that they’re presently on the fritz, so it might “Tebow time.” Of note however, Agron’s parents are Jewish. So while the sparks may fly early on, Tebow’s incessant mentions of Jesus may irk the young lady.

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