Did the Lions hide Calvin Johnson’s concussion?

by 6 years ago

I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on the internet and I certainly didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night. My qualifications for determining a concussion are as good as anybody who watches ER reruns (by the way Maura Tierney is a terribly underrated hottie, but I digress).

Two weeks ago, Calvin Johnson took a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit from Minnesota’s Chad Greenway. Johnson stayed down on the turf for a few moments before popping up and heading to the sidelines. The hit appeared to be hard enough to knock him out for the rest of the game.

Here is video of the hit and subsequent concussion test by team doctors.

One series later Calvin was back on the field catching passes. So he was medically cleared right?


According to Calvin Johnson, he suffered a concussion.

“Yeah, yeah, he knocked me good,” Johnson said. “You could tell. It was obvious.”

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz offered a rebuttal.

“Our evaluation was that he was not concussed,” Schwartz said. “He was thoroughly checked. We’re very strong in our evaluation. He was cleared to go back in the game, and he was on a protocol after that, and he was cleared then. We’re very strong in our evaluation, and we are, as an organization, I think we have some credibility when it comes to concussions.”

Schwartz is referring to Jahvid Best who has been sidelined an entire year with a concussion. The Lions have been careful, opting to place him on the PUP list to begin the season. Part of that is because of his history, part of that is because of the recent litigation with former players.

It stands to reason Johnson is unclear of what exactly happened. The alternative is the Lions dancing around the medical and frankly, ethical issue of player head injuries.

Let’s hope that’s not the case.

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