DLC for ‘Touch My Katamari’ is, not surprisingly, very wacky

by 8 years ago

The PlayStation Vita’s edition of Katamari is still be the best thing going right now, and with some upcoming DLC on the way, it’ll take the “oh Japan!” factor up another 25 notches.

Granted, most of the video is of some guy speaking in Japanese, which might not be all that interesting, unless you actually speaking the tongue. Thankfully the wacky headgear helps. But a dedicated fan of the series (like myself) can tell that certain levels and objectives from previous games are being brought over.

Specifically, the make a snowman level, and having to collect the most expensive items in a given stage, both of which are from the Xbox 360 version, I believe. The collecting maids, on the other hand, is entirely new, and the real centerpiece is the Pac-Man themed level.

Namco tries their best to infuse the yellow dot into pretty much everything these day, and for the most part, it’s way forced, so kudos for an actually inventive take. No word yet on when it’s coming to the US, but one has to assume that it’s not too far down the road.

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