Do We Have Milk? is a preview of your future, pushy, fridge

by 6 years ago

A while back, IBM advertised its products on TV by having a random repairman show up at the door and scare the crap out of some random woman by claiming the refrigerator called him. Amazingly, it did not end with him getting shot.

Fortunately, we no longer have potential sex criminals showing up at our door. We now have smartphones, which can potentially turn us all into sex criminals, and also can be wired to your fridge with an app to tell you whether or not you need to pick up some basic necessities.

Do We Have Milk? is a fairly simple experiment. The milk in the fridge sits on a weight sensor. Any time you want, you fire up the app, and it tells you whether or not you have milk. Here, have a painfully Canadian video:

This may sound a bit pointless, but think about it: if you live in a house with roommates, or your girlfriend has a habit of using up the milk and forgetting to tell you, you can boot the app, and it’ll tell you nearby places to buy milk. Far less arguing, and far more cereal and Mudslides. We can all agree this is a good thing.

Do We Have Milk? [Teehan and Lax]

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