Doctors say new iPhone software is making people sick

by 6 years ago

Did you download iOS 7? Are you all of a sudden occasionally feeling nauseous? You’re not insane: It’s happening across the country.

ios 7


Dozens of users have complained on Apple’s forums about incidents of headaches and nausea that have popped up since they upgraded to the newest iteration of Apple’s operating system.

Fox News spoke to one doctor who claims that the users aren’t crazy; they’re suffering from symptoms similar to car sickness.

“There’s some validity to this, for people who are susceptible,” Dr. George Kikano, an Ohio family medicine doctor, told Fox News.

“The inner ear is responsible for balance, the eyes for vision. When things are out of sync you feel dizzy, nauseous. Some people get it, some people don’t, and some people get used to it,” Kikano said.

If you’re suffering from problems, you can turn off the motion by going to your Settings > General > Accessibility and turn “ON” “Reduce Motion” in the section above “Hearing”.

Or you can just accept your newfound unwavering nausea and use it as a high-yield weight loss plan. Some of us aren’t quite as lucky with our lack of phone-induced car sickness.