Dogfish Head shows how to pour the perfect pint

by 7 years ago

Everyone should know how to pour a perfect pint. It’s really not that difficult, but there is no shortage of people who can’t quite get it right. Dogfish Head is here to help.

This technique obviously isn’t meant for the pre-game party at your frat. When a bunch of kegs get rolled off a truck at 7AM, nothing you’re going to do will make that beer pour well. On top of that, foaming the hell out of your beer can be a big advantage if you’re planning to drink twenty of them. Less CO2 in the stomach is always a good thing when you’re going the distance (going for speed). If you’re trying to drink like a reasonable person though, this technique is key.

Assuming you’ve got a decent beer, head is crucial. If you still don’t believe that a huge part of taste comes from the aroma, you were probably also shocked that Jenny McCarthy and Brian Urlacher broke up. Don’t immediately assumed you ruined your beer if there’s too much foam either. That’s just the way some brews are built.

If you still aren’t getting it, maybe stick to the iPad or Tornado techniques.

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