Douchey guy has the biggest road rage overreaction ever caught on video

by 6 years ago

It sucks to get rear-ended, I’m sure. But this douchey guy’s broful attempts at getting a guy who hit his car — with his wife inside — to step out and fight him might be the most insane thing you’ll see today.

To clarify, by “most insane thing you’ll see today,” I meant the high tapered haircuts of him and his friends. The No-Sideburn Crew is what they call themselves as they wear t-shirts with mutton chops and a big NO circle-slash through them.

In case you’re wondering, the banshee scream this guy gives at 1:45 should 100% be nominated for an Emmy for Most Broish Overreaction That Comes Off Incredibly Much More Feminine Than Intended. It’s a shoo-in.

UPDATE: Facebook commenter Samantha points out that this incident went a lot of places on the West Coast last week. Apparently the road rager is a Purple Heart recipient Marine who is currently facing punishment from his Camp Pendleton base. He possibly suffers from PTSD. The unflinching driver is the caretaker of his fellow Marine sister who’s paralyzed from the waist down. They both claim to be traumatized from the incident. Fun stuff.

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