Driver cuts off guy at gas pump, leads to massive explosion

by 8 years ago


A woman driver (*cough) allegedly got impatient at a Miami gas station so, she did what most a-holes would do: Cut someone off. Small problem: Her awfulness at driving led her to crash into the gas pump, leading to a huge explosion.

The women in the guilty jeep attempted to flee the scene before they were wrangled by police.

Fortunately, no one was injured. You can see the full surveillance video here.

This is a real up and down day for people who enjoy stereotypes. Yes, there’s a crappy female driver. But there’s also a guy in a yellow Hummer who’s…*gasp* a victim? Maybe all of those Mitt Romney speeches about the economy actually do make sense.

Inconsiderate Gas Station Line-Cutting Woman Causes Huge Explosion [Gizmodo]

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