Dropbox gets auto-uploading and a major overhaul

by 7 years ago

Take a lot of pictures? Need to store them somewhere that isn’t your phone? Then you might want to consider Dropbox, one of the several companies currently fighting it out for cloud storage supremacy.

Dropbox auto uploading


If you own an Android phone or tablet, you’ve probably at least seen Dropbox’s icon and probably even use it on a regular basis: it’s an extremely useful little cloud storage app.

And now, it’s about to become even more useful, especially for photo freaks, because it backs up every single picture you take. And it does it automatically.

It’s done this for Android for a while, but Dropbox just made that feature cross-platform. The best part about it is that all you have to do is fire up anything with the Dropbox app and plug in your camera: it’ll painlessly upload the photos for you.

Expect more features and updates for all cloud storage services. Now that Google has dropped into the market like the Undertaker slamming his opponent into the mat, competition is going to heat up and fast.

Dropbox Adds Auto-Uploading [VentureBeat]

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