Drunk man blocks traffic and gets knocked out

by 7 years ago

I’ve done a lot of dumb things when drunk, including being hit by a car, but even this is well beyond my most embarrassing result.

At first it seemed as if the guy in the street had a legitimate beef with that particular car. Why else would he be reaching in the window? The driver was clearly scared, otherwise he would have gotten out of the car and gone beast mode immediately. Once Johnny McDrunknuts stepped in front of the second car though it was clear that he was just an unsober asshole. Unfortunately for him, the people in the second car were more than happy to exit the vehicle and forcibly escort him from the road.

Not even the dick kick from Captain Cuffed Pants at 2:15 could stop Hammered Hulk. After a brief scuffle including a cowards kick to the head, the over-served gentleman found himself sitting on the curb where drunks belong. You can’t keep a good drunk down though, so he was soon back playing in traffic. Finally two seemingly good Samaritans showed up to get the man to safety. Like most of us when we’ve had a couple dozen too many drinks, we don’t appreciate when our friends try to help. It ends just like most intoxicated encounters do…with one person being knocked out and dragged over to a tree.

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