Dutch judo champion Edith Bosch beats up Olympic bottle thrower

by 7 years ago

Immediately before Usain Bolt’s 100 meter final yesterday, a spectator hurled a plastic bottle onto the track. That spectator was treated to a vicious slap on the back of the head from Dutch judo champion Edith Bosch.

She reported her actions to the world via Twitter. Because, hey, this is the first social media Olympics after all.

“A drunken spectator threw a bottle onto the track! I HAVE BEATEN HIM… unbelievable.

You can make out what he looks like in this clip. And yes, he absolutely deserved it.

The man was held in custody at a London police station overnight. No word on whether he’s recovered from his beating at the hands of Bosch, who, for the sake of this conversation is an Olympic hero.

London 2012 Olympics: Dutch judo champion Edith Bosch acted out of ’emotion’ when she hit 100m bottle thrower [Telegraph]

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