EA is the worst company in America, according to ‘Mass Effect 3’ haters

by 7 years ago

I’ve gotten a considerable degree of flack over my constant need to point out how outright insane Mass Effect 3‘s fan base is. And here’s another example: the Consumerist’s Worst Company In America final death match might be won by the game’s publisher.


Listen, I know how silly online polls ultimately are, but for whatever reason, it just bugs me that a site that is such a champion for the rights of the every man can be misappropriated for such a idiotic crusade.

Basically, for the past few weeks, the site has attempted to single out what the worst company in the US via fan voting. Right now it’s down to EA, publishers of Mass Effect 3 (who honestly have NOTHING to do with the poor ending) and Bank of America.

Clearly pissed off ME3 players are behind this. Otherwise, what other reason could there be for EA beating AT&T, which as everyone knows is legendary for broken promises, poor customer support, and so much more.

Basically, to some, a company that published a video game with a crap ending (and, to be fair, also insists on DRM schemes that, like all the rest, are completely pointless, i.e. its Origin platform) is somehow worse than a financial institution that ruins people lives by foreclosing on homes, some of which they don’t even own, and came close to actually bankrupting this country.

Nice to know where people’s priorities are.

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