EarHero lets you listen to music while biking and not get killed

by 7 years ago

One of the big problems with MP3 players crammed into every device is that many of us walk around with what amounts to a bubble of sound that no other noise can penetrate. If you’re trying to tune out the crazy guy on the subway, that’s great, but it’s not so awesome if you’re, say, on a run and can’t hear the car slamming on its horn as it’s about to hit you.

earheroFortunately, for every problem there is a solution, and for this problem, there’s the EarHero.

The design is actually brilliant in its simplicity. The EarHero earbud is a tiny speaker you slot into your ear, with a small brace designed to be put into the bowl of the ear to hold it in place. The speaker has some real oomph for its size…but it doesn’t block the ear canal, so you can still hear music while leaving your ear canal open to listen for other sounds.

It sound simple, but it really is life-saving. And, hey, you can wear your iPod and cross train tracks in Utah again!

earHersport [EarHero]

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