8 early acting roles that major stars would probably rather forget

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via YouTube


Jon Hamm recently revealed that he spent some time in the ‘90s working as a set dresser for Cinemax softcore porn movies, which he described as “soul-crushing.”

While we agree that working on soft core porn can’t be all that fulfilling, at least Jon was off camera.

We’ve rounded up a list of famous actor’s who’s most ‘soul-crushing’ work appeared on screen for all the world to see. These are early gigs for some of Hollywood’s elite that we’re betting they’re more embarrassed about.

Brad Pitt in an episode of ‘Freddy’s Nightmares’

Most people forget that Freddy Krueger had his own TV series, but this episode starred a young Brad Pitt. Its hard to tell what the plot is from this clip, but it looks like Brad and his girlfriend fall victim to the classic “Jacuzzi full of piranha” trap.

Jennifer Garner in ‘Mr Magoo’

I just watched the trailer for this movie based on the old Mr Magoo cartoons. It looks like the plot is that people try to do one thing, and end up falling down instead.  Seriously, that’s all that happens. Jennifer Garner appeared in this as a love interest for Mr Magoo’s nephew, who apparently is a character in Mr Magoo.

Ryan Gosling on ‘Goosebumps’

Ryan Gosling appeared in an episode of the Goosebumps tv series in an episode named “Say Cheese and Die.” It was about a camera that, if it took your picture, cursed you. Kind of like the cameras that filmed the scenes for this show.

Jim Carrey in ‘Rubber Face/Introducing Janet’

This movie is either called “Rubber Face” or “Introducing Janet.” You know how you can tell a movie is bad? When it can’t decide on its name. This movie was mostly forgotten until Carrey’s career blew up, at which point Jim Carrey just wished it would be forgotten.

Bryan Cranston on ‘Crisis Counselor’

Here’s a young(ish) Bryan Cranston on a fake talk show pretending to be a man that cheated on his wife with another man. His excuse is that he travels a lot for his job. Everyone seems more mad at him for being bisexual than for cheating on his wife. There’s a lot of weird in this clip.

Emma Stone in ‘Marmaduke’

Emma Stone was the voice of Marmaduke’s love interest in this… interesting adaptation of the comic strip. They basically took the comic strip and added weird Mexican stereotype jokes to it. The most embarrassing part is, at the time of release, Stone was billed AFTER George Lopez in this thing.

Will Ferrell in ‘The Ladies Man’

The whole joke about Will Ferrell’s character in this SNL sketch turned movie is that he’s gay. Will Ferrell has made some great movies and is a super funny actor, but I bet he leaves this role off of his resume whenever possible.

Mila Kunis in ‘American Psycho 2’

Almost entirely unrelated to the first American Psycho, Mila Kunis plays a serial killer that is in love with William Shatner. The first movie featured great performances from Christian Bale and Willem Dafoe, and this movie features Mila Kunis trying to get with William Shatner.

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