Easiest $1,000 you’ll ever win is our fantasy baseball game with FanDuel

by 7 years ago

I’ll be completely honest: If you enter our free contest with FanDuel for $1,000 in prizes, you’ll be competing against me. And I literally know jack sh-t about who to pick for the one-night-only contest.

Here’s my team:


Do you even know what a Brian LaHair is? He sounds like a pseudonym Buster Bunny would use to get into a bar on a very special episode of Tiny Toons. And the only reason I picked Pedro Alvarez is because I went to high school with him. Based on his current strikeout ratio, he may very well lose control of his bat and murder someone in the front row of a game. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get fantasy points for that (though I should).

Point being, you need to sign up now. You’ll probably embarrass me and the rest of the Guyism staff whom you’ll be competing against. And that’s fine. I gave up my pride a long time ago.

This post is sponsored by FanDuel.

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