Echograph: Add some motion to your photos

by 6 years ago

GIFs are a truly wonderful thing, as we keep telling you. But what if you, the iPad owner, want to get in on this action? That’s where Echograph comes in.

This app will run you about four bucks and what it can do is best shown with video:

True, this isn’t going to let you just grab frames of TV shows or constantly loop the joyous bouncing of Alison Brie. Although it probably could, with a little work.

No, instead, it lets you take personal photographs and video you’ve shot, whether via a DSLR or using the iPad camera, and add motion to it.

It’s also a good mix of professional tools and simple interface. As you’ve noticed the app largely involves taking data and using touches to determine what should be moving within the frame. It also lets you use a degree of artistry that lets you give a little bit more of a twist to the standard photo.

In short, you get access to professional grade tools to screw around with and make pretty pictures for four bucks. Not bad, no matter how you slice it.

Echograph [Official Site]

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