Engineering student builds pinball machine out of K’Nex

by 8 years ago

Most of us look at construction toys and think they’d be fun to launch at a coworker. Andrew, an engineering student, looks at K’Nex and thinks “I could totally build a pinball machine out of these.”

So he did. No, really, there’s video and everything, and the crazy thing is this beast actually works.

The only non-K’Nex parts you see in that video are rubber bands he used to give tension to the flippers. Otherwise, everything else is made from the construction toy.

As you may have noticed, it’s as much about how the balls get to you as it is about playing a game of pinball. The ball return is a hilariously complicated chute full of loop-de-loops, lifts, conveyors, and other stuff that probably took way more time to engineer than the actual pinball table.

All of this took Andrew four months to design, test, and build. Why did he do it? Because, according to him, he thought it’d be neat to have a pinball machine in his basement that he built from scratch.

Yeah, he’s got a point there.

K’Nex Pinball Machine [Instructables]

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