Epson Moverio: 3D goggles that might actually have a use

by 7 years ago

Unlike the electronics industry, most of humanity knew that 3D TV was a non-starter. Let’s face it, unless it’s figure skating or women’s gymnastics, nobody wants to see sports in 3D. Movies aren’t generally helped by 3D, and in fact 3D is going to be responsible for jacking 2D ticket prices.

epson moverio video glassesOn the other hand, Epson’s Moverio 3D goggles do have one useful aspect to them: they stream video on a perceived 80-inch display.

Sure, Epson’s intent is for you to use them with a laptop or something, but let’s get real, nobody wears 3D goggles in public because nobody wants to look like that much of a complete and total dork. But we can think of a lot of uses for an eighty inch screen that can accept streaming.

OK, one: battlebots.

No, think about it: you can build battlebots, hook them up with a camera, settle in with these goggles, and then you’ve got the ultimate robot fight. Toss some flying drones in there to get a look at the action, and you’d have a truly awesome experience.

Almost worth $699 Epson wants for these.

Epson Moverio Now Shipping [Engadget]

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