Erin Andrews gets angry, embarrassed when asked about athletes as lovers

by 6 years ago

Erin Andrews appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night and things got very personal when host Andy Cohen asked her about having sex with athletes.

Caller: Who do you think is the sexiest athlete?
Erin Andrews: Hmmm. I can’t think of one. The sexiest athlete right now?
Andy Cohen: Who’s the hottest football player right now? Mark Sanchez, Tom Brady?
Erin Andrews: Tom Brady. And that’s only because, honestly, I’m more in love with Gisele than I am with Tom.

So that’s hot, but moving on.

Andy Cohen: Are athletes better lovers or worse lovers because they wind up just getting everything they want?

(*cue angry/embarrassed Erin face*)


Erin Andrews: I don’t know how to answer that. I’m not sure.
Andy Cohen: You love to date an athlete.
Erin Andrews: No I don’t love to. No, I have no idea. But I do love Tom because of Gisele. And I’m getting really red right now.

Interesting line of questioning and it makes you wonder who Erin was getting all sheepish about. She’s been linked to Chace Crawford and Josh Hopkins in the past and there have been rumors of a fling with David Wright, but nothing was ever confirmed.


Anyways, here’s a video of Erin showing off some of her dance moves.

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