Eyeona: An app to avoid losing out

by 8 years ago

Fun fact: if you buy something, and it goes on clearance within a certain period of time, you can get the difference back. This applies to anything from pants to electronics. But how do you keep track of receipts and prices? Eyeona to the rescue!



Okay, so this thing is clearly built more for your girlfriend than for you, but it applies to absolutely any product. You scan your receipts into the app and the app does the rest. Well, kinda: refunds aren’t automatic. How does this even work? Most stores have a policy that whatever they sell you will stay at the same price for a set amount of time. It ranges from a week to a month, depending on the company.

If it detects a possibility of getting your money back within a set amount of time, it just lets you know. Granted, you’re still going to need to haul the stuff back to wherever you bought it to get the difference. You will also need your receipt. But you will at least be able to collect your cash.

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