Facebook Camera gets an overhaul, now much more useful

by 8 years ago

While I’m not a huge fan of Facebook for several reasons, I think Facebook Camera is an incredibly useful app, especially if your phone’s camera isn’t already integrated with a Facebook app. But there is one annoying downside to any Facebook-integrated camera, that Facebook Camera just fixed.

facebook camera


And this feature is?

Album support.

As you likely are aware, any photos you take on your phone and upload to Facebook are all dumped in one album, labeled “Mobile Uploads.” It’s annoying since you’ll often want to stick these photos elsewhere, and have to do that manually or just give up on sorting your photos digitally.

Now, when you take a photo, an Albums icon immediately pops up. Tap the icon, and you can either put the picture you’re uploading into a new album or an existing one.

It sounds simple, even basic, but the proof is in using it. Testing out the app I found it to be a substantially better experience uploading, sorting, and pushing out photos. It may not make up for everything Facebook does with your info, but at least getting your photos properly sorted is now a lot easier.

Facebook Camera [iTunes]

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