Facebook’s new plugin controls your sharing on other sites

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One of the problems with Facebook is the fact that if you decide to use it to log in, instead of setting up an account at the site, inevitably you have to sort through site permissions. And then equally inevitably the site posts something on your Wall because you clicked a button without realizing it.

Facebook Shared Activity

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Facebook has listened and put out a plugin that controls exactly what sites do with your page.

Here’s an example. Say that your friends are sick to death of you spamming them with Spotify playlists. And they are. You can just use the plugin while on Spotify to only share certain lists, and also to filter out friends who have complained about your Jammin’ ’80s Hits playlist.

You can even configure it to custom groups, so, if, say, you were liking certain things you’d rather your mom not see, like, say, our Kate Upton GIF gallery, you can share it without worrying that you’ll be creating a bad image of yourself to your parents.

Or you could just set it to “nobody,” since we don’t give a crap what you like on Airbnb. Or your Spotify playlists. Seriously. STOP IT.

A New Way For People To Manage App Activity [Facebook Blog]

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