Family assaults kid for stealing $2 headphones, putting them in friend’s mom’s purse

by 6 years ago

This video seems a little confusing at first, but bear with me. Context: A kid stole $2 headphones from a dollar store and put them in his friend’s mother’s purse to get them out of the store. The assault/interrogation afterwards is worth a watch.

This family does not have a great sense of crimes and the punishments for them. This kid stealing $2 headphones from a store and putting them in her bag is going to lead to 15 years of jail but kidnapping and assault of the kid aren’t much worse? Oh and threatening to kill him? Like, what? Do we live in the same version of America? And she calls him a “sick son of a bitch” when they basically just did an urban reboot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre over $2 headphones? What? My head. It hurts.

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