Family loses all of their possessions…to Craigslist

by 6 years ago

One Georgia family thought they could salvage some good out of their home of 20 years going into foreclosure. But their Craigslist ad left them looted with nothing at all.


Michael Vercher — who lived in the house with mother Pam Hobbs and fiancée Dana Lamanac — posted an ad on Craigslist touting a “fairly large FREE yard sale.” The situation turned south when Craigslisters took the listing to mean that everything in the house was immediately up for grabs.

The giveaway was scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday morning but crowds who showed up early — while the Vercher family wasn’t home — got a little too enthusiastic, ransacking the home of both belongings and family heirlooms.

The family was able to wrestle away a couple of important belongings from the overly grabby Craigslist users but lost several cherished items to the process, including guitars that had been in the family for decades.

Local NBC affiliate 11Alive rustled up a $400 Costco Gift Card for the family along with three guitars from a local shop.

The family is hoping that by going public with their story that some of the sticky-fingered yard sale enthusiasts will return with some of their priceless family belongings.

Despite the crappy situation, Vercher’s mother Pam is a better person than you or I, telling 11Alive of the outpouring of support for the family, “There are really more good people in this world than there are people that are not nice.”

You can’t take that mixing bowl and 2009 Garfield calendar with you to hell, now can you random Craiglist user?