Fans vs. cops in Brazilian soccer brawl

by 7 years ago

Another day, another soccer riot. Ho-hum. This latest incident occurred in Brazil between Pelotas and Gremio fans. I’d offer my own views on the matter but this YouTube description is just too glorious to not pass on.

The flare-up was started by two Pelotas fans who, after the final whistle was blown, invaded the pitch to goad their side’s victory in front of the Gremio away section.

That, unsurprisingly, went down badly with the Gremio ultras, and six of their travelling supporter broke onto the field to duke it out with their Pelotas-provocateurs.

Seconds after the Gremio fans laid a series of kicks on punches on their targets riot police quickly stepped in to clear house. Wielding batons like they were striking piñatas, the riot police aggressively set about pummelling all the supports into submission before making the reported eight arrests.

After the punch-up, Major Albuquerque (head of the Pelotas riot police) spun the following self-exonerating quotes. “After confirming that rival fans came into blows, the police acted quickly and managed to immobilise all the troublemakers. One man needed to go to hospital because of a broken nose. Otherwise the game was entirely peaceful. There were no major incidents, except after the final whistle.”

And that my friends, is a proper write up. Procavateurs and striking pinatas? A modern day Hemmingway.