The Feligan PowerBrick lives up to its name

by 7 years ago

You’ve got a phone, probably a tablet, maybe a portable gaming system, maybe an ereader. If you live with your girlfriend, she’s probably got as many gadgets as you do. And so, nightly, it becomes a dance of figuring out where to plug all these stupid things in so you can actually get them charged and use them during the day.

feligan powerbrickWell, if you’ve got money to burn, and really hate this problem, allow us to introduce you to a massive charging station wrapped in leather: the Feligan PowerBrick.

The word “overkill” does not even begin to describe this thing. It’s got two USB ports for charging tablets and the like, and two “universal” sockets for items like laptops, that will supposedly take any plug the world can throw at it.

Along the top? Seven retractable power cords that can be configured for microUSB, miniUSB, or any sort of bizarre proprietary connector people may still be using in whatever bizarro world exists in their heads (seriously, if a phone doesn’t use USB, don’t buy the phone). You can even swap out the reels.

Did we mention that this is the size and weight of a brick? Also, we’re not joking about the leather: Feligan is an Italian company and will even cover this thing in custom suede.

Of course, to get one wrapped in leather will run you $200, and the Brick itself is $140. But hey, you’ll never have to worry about a charger ever again. EVER.

Power Brick [Feligan]

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