Female cop resigns after posting nude photos while on duty

by 6 years ago

Some cops don’t need to save a life to be a real hero. Daytona Beach police Sgt. Penny Dane is one of those cops.

penny dane nude


A police investigation revealed that Dane had been playing an online game called “Red Light Center”, a virtual version of the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Dane unwittingly initiated the investigation on herself after accusing another officer of sexual harassment. The sexual harassment claims proved to be without substance her supervising officers found a bevy of pornographic material on her computers.

A review of Dane’s police-provided equipment found 177 images on Dane’s office desktop computer and 97 images on the laptop in her marked patrol car. According to the police chief, at least 23 of the pornographic photos found were of Dane herself.

Dane was supposed to be supervising officers on patrol when she allegedly emailed the pornographic photos to a “lover” on the game.

When confronted with the charges, Dane claimed that she was able to multi-task on the job and never missed a call despite her perplexing side project.

In other news, going to the Red Light Center website actually gave me the biggest douche chills ever. But if you want to go into a porn-themed version of that Second Life game and get nude photos from 40-year-old cougars, that may just be the site for you.

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