Fender now makes a guitar you can plug into your iPad

by 7 years ago

Have you ever felt musically deprived by not being able to jack your guitar directly into your iPad? Yes?

Well, I guess the Squier Strat with USB is for you, then.

Yes, this really exists: Here’s the video to prove it:

Granted, this is a gimmicky instrument: It costs $200 and it plugs into an iPad, for Pete’s sake, although before you ask, yes, there is the classic quarter-inch jack as well.

To be fair, using programs like GarageBand is an increasingly important part of being a working musician, and being able to jack directly into the computer is a useful function. And it is nice that it works with pretty much everything in the Apple line, from iPads to computers.

That said, it does require that you have the dock connector, or a dock-to-Lightning converter, which is annoying not least because the thing has a USB jack right… there. But if you’re a musician looking to record on the go, or if you just like having lots of things to stick into your guitar, hey, this is $200 well spent.

Check Out The New Squier Strat [Fender]

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