This fifth grader was born without arms. What he learned to do should inspire us all

by 5 years ago

Ten-year-old Jahmir Wallace was born without arms but, since his sister played piano, he wanted to learn an instrument, too. And learn he did…his story will make the room get a little dusty for you.

All of the dumb things we complain about on a day-to-day basis and here’s a kid, at the age where feeling different from other kids is at the most challenging, and he’s going all Louis Armstrong on a trumpet with his toes making the beat. It’s easy just to watch this, go “Aww” and move on but if we actually thought about it just for a second every time life seems hard, maybe we’d all be better off for it.

Also really puts how proud I am of being able to pick up a sock or a pen with my foot into perspective, too. And how much I would probably be ashamed to pull my foot out and put it up in public view for anything due to how unattractive they are. Basically, this kid is killing me on a lot of fronts and I’m okay with that.

(via Barstool Chicago)

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