Figure: Now even the tone-deaf can create music

by 7 years ago

There are plenty of music toys on the iPad, and plenty of professional tools for musicians on the iPad. But Figure is one that manages to straddle both arenas. It’s so easy to use, even a tone-deaf jackass like me can turn out a danceable tune in minutes.

Figure app


And yet, it has so many options, and has so much depth, that it’s almost a professional tool. Unfortunately, it’s got a few drawbacks, but it’s still an amazing app.

At the top, you have three tabs: drum, bass and lead. You can choose from a huge number of loops and synth sounds. Want to adjust the key and pitch? There are tools for that. You can even open a “tweaks” tab for each area and adjust the actual waveform of the sound, which is not usually something you can find in an app that costs a buck.

There is one big problem, though: you can’t save your songs easily. It’s also currently exclusively iOS. Presumably, these are flaws the developers, Propellerhead Software, will fix. Regardless, though, it’s worth the buck to spend a little time making some awesome beats.

Figure Lets You Make Techno in Three Easy Steps [CNet Crave]

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