New extension lets you Facebook chat even when you’re not on Facebook

by 6 years ago

If you’re a fan of Facebook chat, good news: If you’re using Firefox 17 or later, you can add a new extension that will let you chat on Facebook even when you’re not on Facebook.



The app is essentially an extension of Facebook that makes it a semi-permanent feature on your browser; basically it’s as if you’ve got a tiny Facebook operating in your browser at all times. You can chat, get notifications, answer notifications, and so on. Basically it’s Facebook without having to keep a tab open to use Facebook.

There are, however, some drawbacks. Facebook is already fairly effective at tracking where you go on the Internet, thanks to Facebook Connect, and it’s likely that this will also engage in some tracking. It’s worth noting that privacy settings you’ve put into Facebook as a site are retained for this messenger app, but this is Facebook: It’s safe to assume they’re always trying to breach your privacy somehow.

That said, the app is almost ridiculously convenient. Especially if you can use it at work. Multitasking!

Messenger for Firefox [Facebook]

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