Flasher shows his junk to woman, gets a gun in his face in response

by 6 years ago

Any trenchcoat wearing weirdos out there may want to be on watch. One Washington state woman is putting you all on notice.

Flickr/Ivan McClellan

According to a report in Washington’s Daily News, a 35-year-old woman was walking with her young son when she was approached by a man who sat down and performed a sex act on himself.

He then encouraged her to check out his handiwork, saying “Miss, miss…You need to watch this.”

The unidentified woman responded by loading a magazine into her gun and telling the creep, “You need to leave or Ill shoot you. I’m going to blow your brains out.”

The man yelled, “Oh sh-t” and immediately fled the scene.

The woman then sent her dog after the perp as he attempted to flee. The man was able to escape when she summoned the dog to come back.

The overly friendly gentleman is still on the loose, though police claim to have a handful of suspects.

Good for this woman. Granted, blowing his brains out may have been a bit of a stretch for a non-violent crime. But it’s also pretty unnecessary for him to have implied that she “needed” to see that. Women hardly want to see that when they know and love the person. I sincerely doubt many women would respond, “Oh, thank you random stranger grunting and tugging on his unimpressive penis. I did need to see this. You really brightened my day.”


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