Flashlight 9-in-1 Tool is a bit awkward

by 6 years ago

I love multitools. I’ve got four or five of them floating around the house at any given time, including one on my keychain. And I do admit the idea of a flashlight storing a bunch of useful tools seems awesome to the nerdy Boy Scout who lives inside me.


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The adult in me is just wondering how, exactly, you use this thing.

To be fair, most of the tools make sense here: The flashlight, a 3 watt LED setup; the emergency light, a blinking red LED; the knife, which is has both a straight and a sawtooth edge, and the hammer, which is just a steel pop out at the bottom. I guess even the bottle opener and the screwdriver will do in a pinch.

Everything else, well… look at the thing. It’s great that you’ll have a pair of scissors handy, but it’s like having hedge clippers with a linebacker glued to them. Similarly, if you’ve got a bottle opener, you are not opening a beer in an emergency. A can, yes, a beer, no, and nobody uses a bottle opener for anything else.

That said, this is only $22, so it might be worth throwing in your car, at least.

PI-516 Emergency Light 9-in-1 With Tools [Amazon]

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