Flat flashlight lights your way, saves space

by 7 years ago

LEDs have done wonders for the humble flashlight. Instead of being a battery gulping monster, it’s now a light electric wonder. And it also lets people be creative with the casing, since one LED pumps out something along the lines of a Maglite’s intensity.

flat flashlightHence this flashlight, that looks like it got run over by a steamroller.

It’s still perfectly functional, of course: the design is just to look neat. It comes from Kikkerland, provider of both useful items and junk to pile on your desk.

The nice thing about the form factor, though, beyond being clever, is that it makes this easy to store. Instead of rolling around, it sits in one place. Also adding to the convenience is the $6 cost, making buying a few of these and storing them in your house, your car, and your desk at work a cheap proposition.

Of course, you will have to explain why you keep a flashlight with you wherever you go, even if the simple answer is “Why wouldn’t I?”

Flattened Flashlight Is Too Easy to Smuggle [Gizmodo]

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