FlyRights app lets you complain when a TSA drone bad-touches you

by 8 years ago

Flying sucks for a multitude of reasons, but probably the worst is dealing with the Transportation Safety Administration, an entire government bureaucracy dedicated almost entirely to making you feel safer about getting on an airplane by squeezing your balls or blasting you with radiation.

FlyRights app


The TSA isn’t actually all that good at securing the safety of any form of transportation, but they are good at violating your civil rights! Which is where the Sikh Coalition, and their FlyRights app, comes in.

Despite being developed to find incidents of racial profiling, the Sikh Coalition wants everyone to use the app. It’s actually fairly straightforward: you fill out the form with your name, date stamp, flight information, and a brief summary of the incident, and click Send.

The report gets filed with the TSA automatically, but importantly, a copy also goes elsewhere, so if somebody decides to just “accidentally” delete all the reports of getting molested at the gate, there will still be a paper trail.

FlyRights is available free for Android and iOS, and if nothing else, at least now you have some way to complain that doesn’t involve stripping.

FlyRights app aims to reduce racial profiling [Ars Technica]

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