A ‘Freedom 2 Twerk’ party is everything Martin Luther King Jr. fought for

by 5 years ago

People worry that teenagers and young people today forget about the impact of those who came before him. Well, this Michigan party in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. titled “Freedom 2 Twerk” proves otherwise.

The flyer, promoting an event by Mid-Michigan Teen Parties on Martin Luther King Day Weekend, features the civil rights icon’s face photoshopped onto the body of a guy with a rapper-sized chain throwing up a “Westside” hand sign.

freedom 2 twerk


I guess the argument could be made that all the boycotts and sit-ins were immobile so, now, Martin Luther King Jr. would want everyone to get up and move around at the table of Brotherhood these days. And that’s where twerking comes in. Nothing says “We are all equal” like having beautiful women of all colors coming together and shaking their asses while men of all colors make noises like “Mmmmrrpppph.” True racial equality beauty.

(thanks for the tip, James)

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