Frescolino 1: Give your beer fridge or tailgate a touch of class

by 8 years ago

Many of us, even those of us who have supposedly outgrown such things, own a mini-fridge dedicated exclusively to beer. It is a wonderful thing. But most mini-fridges are ugly and, frankly, kind of crappy. These are devices built to be used for a year and then have their door taken off and thrown in a dumpster behind the dorm.



The Frescolino 1? Not so much.

As you can tell, it’s modeled after the fridges Don Draper used to sell, so at least it has some style to it.

It’s also actually a really good fridge. Beer-wise, you can easily fit two six-packs in it with some room for food or other less essential items.

Even better, especially for tailgaters, it’s got a carrying handle built into the top and it can be run off of 12-volt direct current: That is, you can run it off your car’s “cigarette lighter.” Possibly the best advantage for tailgating? It’s also a hotbox: It can get up to 150 F in there, making it perfect to keep food warm.

Frescolino 1 [Trisa]

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