Furious Pete tackles the non-existent Michael Phelps diet challenge

by 7 years ago

Much was made of Michael Phelps 12,000 calorie diet leading up to the 2008 Olympics. Every guy wanted to be able to eat Phelps daily ration without turing into a fat slob. Furious Pete tackled it once, and that’s all I needed to see. Sure, Pete ate a days worth of food in a matter of minutes, but the collection doesn’t even look enjoyable anymore. I’ve been known to eat an entire pizza now and then, but those are very rare occasions when I’m starving. To do that after consuming a litany of other delicious items would be a painful chore. And no one likes doing chores. I never want to take the enjoyment out of eating junk food, and that’s exactly what this would do.

I also think this video is a sign that I spend too much time on YouTube. As Furious Pete was reading the menu, it sounded like he was either doing a terrible Epic Meal Time impression or laboring hard to not sound like he was imitating them. In his closing about King of the Web, I couldn’t help but think of Shoenice’s long drawn out half-handicapped drawl.

Michael Phelps Diet Challenge [mpviral]

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