Futulele lets you play the ukelele on your iPad

by 7 years ago

Music is a great way to impress women. Granted, usually being able to shred an awesome guitar solo is more impressive than playing a ukelele, but at least playing a ukelele can be construed as cute and does involve a little actual musical talent without having to study for years, and you won’t be expected to get some form of douchebag hair.

Plus, now you can just put it on your iPad and you don’t have to lug around a tiny guitar case.

Futulele may seem a bit silly, but it’s actually a fairly impressive piece of software under the hood. It offers all 132 chords available on the ukelele (yes, it really does have 132 chords), and allows you to tweak EQ, reverb, delay and other functions, meaning professional musicians can configure this and use it as an actual instrument. For example:

That’s not modified or otherwise tweaked: that’s actually the sound of the app. And, believe it or not, it’s fairly cheap: you can get it on the App Store for $5.

Now, there is the fact that if you don’t live in Hawaii, you’ll have to explain owning a ukelele. But that we can’t help you with.

Futulele goes live for iPad [Engadget]

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