G-GRIP Bluetooth is a teeny speaker that can take a beating

by 6 years ago

There are two problems with Bluetooth speakers. First, they’re small, so the sound can range towards the tinny. Secondly, they’re more fragile than Ming Dynasty vases in a crappy sitcom.

G Grip


The G-GRIP seems out to avert at least that last one.

I haven’t heard what sound it puts out, although it is stereo, which is nice, but the lab tests alone make it look pretty tough. It can withstand an 8 foot drop, handle being pinned under 440 pounds of weight, and handle being dunked in water. Even more impressively, it can handle all of this and keep playing.

Equally as impressive is the specs in terms of actually using it. It’s got an eight-hour battery life, and it can be charged with USB. Needless to say, it uses Bluetooth to interact with phones and the like, and can be used as a wireless control to skip songs if need be. And if you don’t have Bluetooth, you can use a simple mini jack.

In short, if you need a fairly simple and tough speaker, this looks like it’ll fit the bill, and the price is nice too: It comes in at $70.

G-GRIP [G Project]

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