Garmin Approach S3: A watch to improve your golf game

by 7 years ago

Your boss golfs, or your dad golfs, and so it is inevitable that you, too, will be playing golf. And, if you’re going to play, why not play to win? The problem, of course, is that unless you’re good at guessing distances, you’re largely in the dark about pretty much everything about the course.

garmin-approach-s3Unless you happen to have the Garmin Approach S3 strapped to your wrist.

The S3 is a GPS-enabled watch that has information about 27,000 golf courses around the world crammed into it. Need to know the precise yardage to the hole? Need to know the layup distances? It’ll be sitting right there, on your watch. It even incorporates a touchscreen to give you easier control over the data you receive.

Oh, and it also tells the time. We understand that’s important on a watch.

So, how much will this golf gizmo cost you? $350. So, instead of buying it for yourself, consider buying it for your dad, so he can improve his game, or at least stop blaming his slice on the course.

Don’t buy it for your boss. That’d be weird.

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