Garmin Forerunner 10 offers lots of running data on the cheap

by 8 years ago

If you run, and take it seriously, eventually you’re going to become a stats nerd. I’ve seen it happen. Even the most hardcore math-hater will find themselves with reams of data eventually: Where they went, how fast they got there, and how they’re improving, or not, over time.

garmin watch

Photo Credit: Garmin

The Garmin Forerunner 10 lets you collect this data without going broke.

As these watches go, it’s relatively basic. It stores your last seven runs so you can see your progress, lets you see your running speed compared to other runs on the fly, and… well… not much else.

The real virtue here is the simplicity of both design and use. You strap on the watch, press a button, and go. That’s it. Similarly, charging it and uploading data is dead simple. Plug it into your computer and use Garmin’s software to download the information, store it, and get your Forerunner charged up.

It’s also cheaper than many of these watches at $129. If you’re a runner and just want the basics, this watch will probably be your go-to. Now, Garmin, about those colors…

Forerunner 10 [Garmin Store]

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