GasPods cut down on drag, saves gas… admittedly look silly

by 8 years ago

People do all sorts of goofy things to save on gas for their cars: tailgate trucks, put the car in neutral when going downhill, dump random chemicals into their gas tanks. Most of this stuff is fatal, stupid, snake oil, or all three.

GasPods, on the other hand, are none of the above.

Photo Credit: GasPods

The concept is simple: Stick these little fins to your car in certain locations, such as the rear of the roof or in a line below the windshield. As you drive, they break up the air flowing across your car and thus reduce drag.

How well do they work? That’s an open question. The science is certainly fairly straightforward; this works on the same principle as other aerodynamic additions to your car. Think of your car as forcing itself through a fluid (in terms of aerodynamics, air and fluid act in the same way). The little fins allow the air flow over your car in a more orderly fashion.

And GasPods aren’t claiming anything goofy or ridiculous; instead they’re claiming a fairly reasonable 5% reduction in drag. You can attach them magnetically or using automotive adhesive tape, although the latter is permanent. They’re currently looking to test all models of vehicles and, really, let’s face it, as goofy as they might look, if they save you some gas… who cares? A magnetic kit of nine will run you about $100; if you want custom paint they’ll be $125 or so.

GasPods [Official Site]

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