GIFterpiece Theatre: NFL, Charlie Day, and more!

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So, was everybody ready for some NFL Football last night?


If you were rooting for the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Giants, then you probably felt a bit like this guy getting hit with that rocket.


But if you were rooting for the Cowboys I imagine your night felt a little bit more like Marshall here from How I Met Your Mother.


So, who else is ready for the return of Dexter?


Without a doubt she is the greatest flip cup player in the world.


But we’re not after that, right guys? Or are we…


In case you missed this glorious video yesterday, here it is in all the splendor that is GIF.


Here’s your Internet welcome basket, and here’s the second best basket on the Internet.


What did the five fingers say to the six asses?


I’m admittedly anti-YOLO, but I must give credit where credit is due. This is the best use of YOLO in GIF form we’ve seen to date.


Is this the coolest orangutan in the world? Show me one better and I’ll make all your wildest GIF dreams come true!


I can’t be the only one that gets hit on like this, right? Let’s hear three cheers for Jenna Maroney!


Wait, is that Mike?


Is it time for a smoke break yet? Anyone?


“How I feel after smoking with that snake.”


“How I feel when trying to please you all with magnificent GIFs.”


I’m not entirely clear as to what is going on here but I give it 100% approval!


True or false: You’d watch the hell out of this movie.


Charlie Day perfectly captures this GIF eat GIF world we’re living in. And with that I bid you good evening!

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